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Reasons to consider studying in Canada

There are over 100 public and private universities in the country as well as a range of colleges and vocational schools. Each province and territory is in charge of its own education system. There are many reasons why Canada is so popular for international students, here are some of them:

How a C2C Counsellor can assist you to study in Canada

Our Counsellors are experienced Canadian Education Counsellors, with a proven track record in Canadian education counselling. They are highly trained individuals having successfully placed many students in Canadian Universities or colleges. Some have worked directly for overseas Universities and Colleges so have in-depth knowledge on admission procedures, application processing and student visa requirements.

A C2C Counsellor will assist you with all aspects of applying to study in Canada, this includes:

> Profile evaluation and identifying the likelihood of being granted a place should you apply.
> Guidance and assistance with making a strong course application to maximise your chance of admission success.
> Guidance and assistance with scholarship applications.
> Post application follow up to speed up decision making or respond to any conditions.

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Choose your Counsellor

Read the profiles of our Counsellors and contact the Counsellor you think will be best able to advise you. Our Counsellors will help you find the right course, assist you with your application and guide you with applying for a student visa. We have a 100% visa success rate! You can contact any Counsellor, they do not need to be located in your home city. You can contact our Counsellors via email, whatsapp or by phone.

Education Counsellors at C2C who can help you study in Canada


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