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Dr Jane is available to counsel and assist students interested in studying in UK, USA and Canada


Dr Jane is a result-oriented and knowledgeable Overseas Education Counsellor Consultant who is passionate about guiding young people with accurate and detailed information on studying overseas.  She is friendly, approachable, dedicated and willing to do everything she can to assist her students with achieving their academic ambitions and reaching their full potential.


With a PhD in Education from the University of Bristol and a Master's degree from the UCL Institute of Education in London, Dr Jane can comprehensively guide students on what it is like to be an overseas student studying in the UK. Her personal experience of living and studying in the UK for 5 years provides Dr Jane with invaluable knowledge, which she can share with her students so that they can make informed decisions on what and where to study.


Dr Jane is an expert on searching and identifying courses and Universities that suit her students’ preferences, academic backgrounds and budgets. Once suitable courses have been identified, Dr Jane will guide her students to prepare the necessary academic documents that support their course applications and will submit the applications to the Universities on their behalf.


Dr Jane will also be able to answer the questions students might have about studying in the UK, which includes general advice on how to apply for a student visa, opportunities for part-time work and full-time work post-graduation. Dr Jane can also assist students with applications to study in UAE on the Dubai campus of various UK universities, as well as applications to US and Canadian Universities.


As well as being highly educated both in Nigeria and the UK, Dr Jane has enjoyed many years working in the education sector as a teacher, headteacher, researcher and more recently as an Overseas Education Consultant.  In her latter position as Overseas Education Consultant, she counselled and successfully assisted several students to obtain admission offers and scholarships from Universities in the UK, USA and Canada. 


Please do not hesitate to contact Dr Jane via email, whatsapp, phone or through the message box.



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