About Us
Connect2Counsellors Limited is a British registered company based in Brighton, England. It was founded and is managed by Luke Jeffers. Luke has lived and worked in USA (UCLA campus), Australia (TAFE), UK (Robert Gordon University) and India (Study Overseas Global). Luke was the founder and MD of Study Overseas Global which became for a number of years the largest education consultancy in India. Study Overseas Global was bought by the Navitas Education Group in Australia in 2006 and has subsequently been amalgamated into an Indian education group and no longer operates under that name.

Connect2Counsellors challenges the traditional model of an education consultancy where a student visits an office hoping to meet a knowledgeable counsellor.

In the past, a student could not select their counsellor prior to their visit. Students could be unsure of their allocated counsellor’s experience and the accuracy of information given. With Connect2Counsellors students can view the profile of each counsellor to determine which counsellor is best able to guide them prior to making an appointment just as they might select a doctor, lawyer or other professional person providing a service. If they are not content with the counselling advice they receive from one counsellor they can contact another until they are satisfied.

The majority of counselling will be conducted online at a mutually convenient time between the student and the Counsellor which includes evenings and at weekends. Of course face to face counselling is possible in Covid-19 safer zones such as out door cafes, coffee shops, hotel terraces etc. It is up to the Counsellor and the student to determine where, when and how they would like to interact.

Connect2Counsellors only engage successful, well connected, sincere and mature professional Counsellors. Each has a proven track record of counselling students from initial enquiry through to the preparation of applications both for academic study and for a student visa. Counsellors must have a minimum of 5 years counselling experience through an established education consultancy or have worked directly for a University in one of their overseas offices. Indeed many have done both and have attended courses run by the British Council, other education training bodies and have undertaken visits to University campuses overseas.

Our Counsellors are not employees but independent professionals who wish to work under the Connect2Counsellors brand to promote their counselling services. They are supported and guided by the head office and encouraged to be innovative in their marketing using the experience and contacts they have developed over the years.

Students and client Universities and Colleges will find our Counsellors highly motivated and committed to delivering a quality service to both parties.