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Preethi is available to counsel and assist students interested in studying in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UAE, UK and USA



Preethi is a certified career and overseas counsellor through a variety of recognised training organisations in India and overseas.  She previously held a senior overseas counselling position for a number of years at one of India’s established education consultancies.  During this time she counselled and successfully placed many students in overseas universities and developed a reputation amongst those students she assisted as a knowledgeable and experienced counsellor.

Of particular note is Preethi’s experience in assisting students with selecting courses that will not only assist them on their path to career success but whose entry criteria match the students qualifications.  This helps to ensure a high success rate in gaining admission.

Many students have sought Preethi’s expertise and advice with understanding the application procedure for a foreign student visa.  This is an area that Preethi takes considerable time supporting and guiding her students and their parents so that they have the full information from which to prepare the necessary documents.

Preethi has a distinguished academic background as a Gold Medalist in her post graduation and has had numerous presentations and articles published.  She fully recognises the importance of a good education and working hard to achieve high academic grades.  She applies the same effort to her role as an Overseas Education Counsellor supporting her students with their ambitions to study in another country.

Students will find Preethi an attentive experienced counsellor who is highly committed to providing answers to all questions to ensure that her students are fully prepared to start their courses at a foreign university.

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