INTO International Colleges

  • Rank: N/A
  • Address: UK, USA and Australia
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • International Office Contact name: Matthew Fleming
  • International Office Contact Email:
  • International Office Contact Telephone: +44 7825 572 872
  • Accommodation Office Contact Email:
  • Accommodation Office Contact Phone:
  • Tuition Fee Range: Various
  • Scholarships:

    INTO has their own scholarship budget that they can use to give to students based on academic merit or financial need i.e. if they get a partial scholarship it will persuade them to accept INTO instead of Navitas or Kaplan or Study Group.

    You can contact Matthew with a request the student is considered for a partial scholarship or Luke. 

  • Additional Info:


    In January 23 C2C sent 2 students to INTO Stirling.  They did not register.  The company has been given a formal warning from INTO.  This cannot happen again or our contract will be terminated.  

    The following measures have now been put in place for ALL C2C APPLICANTS in order to reduce the risk of referring non genuine students and to protect the reputation of INTO, as well as damage to the sponsor licence that their partner universities hold with UKVI:


    1. C2C Counsellors will have their own personal log in to the INTO portal.  If you do not already have one you can contact Luke with full details of the application you wish to submit and he will get your registered on the INTO portal.

    2 All applications that have come from a sub agent have to go through Luke.  You cannot submit an application from a sub agent directly even if you have your own log in.  Luke will then carry out identity and credibility checks over zoom with the student and if satisfied Luke will submit the application to INTO.  The 2 missing students can via a sub agent.

    3 Only IELTS and PTE will be accepted as English language tests from applicants in South Asia.  We suspect that one of the missing students had a fake Duolingo certificate or managed to get someone else to do the test. 

    4 All C2C applicants who receive an offer will have to pay 100% of the tuition fee before a CAS is issued.  If the student is going to study a course without the requirement of a CAS 100% of the tuition fee will still have to paid before final confirmation of an offer.  Offer letters will NOT state this.  Instead you will need to show the student the letter INTO has provided C2C which can be found below in the document section entitled "INTO letter on full fee prepayment"



    To submit an application you must be registered on the INTO application portal.  Please contact Luke to request you are registered. 

    The INTO partner portal is


    For a walkthrough on how to use the new "Apply form" that INTO introduced on 7 February, please see the Apply User Guide, and the helpful, instructional video you can watch here.

    The new Apply Form comes with many new improvements, including, but not limited to:

    ·A new streamlined user interface that is more user-friendly

    ·All questions and required documents are automatically filtered to reflect the requirements of the specific program and university that your student is applying to

    ·A more efficient digital signature process for Declaration Forms for select US partners

    ·Performance improvements meaning quicker page loading times



    Turnaround time is generally 1 - 2 weeks



    November 2022

    Please watch the intro zoom recording for detailed information on INTO, courses, partners, rankings, course search information.

    There is no password to the recording

    December 2022

    Matthew gave further advice on how to prepare applications for INTO on 1 December 22.  You can listen to this recording by clicking the link below

    January 2023

    Matthew gave advice the March 23 intake courses and on "visitor visas" for students coming to INTO to do short pathway courses where a CAS will not be issued.




    1. Gap years must be fully explained in the CV.  The CV must detail the start and end month and year of any study or work periods.  If gaps are not explained the application will not be processed.  All periods of work experience should be supported with a reference letter/work certificate on letterhead mentioning dates and months of employment.
    2. Married students can apply to INTO as long as the course they are applying for is “level 7” to comply with UKVI guidelines for issuing a VISA i.e. it must be pre-masters or graduate diploma level.
    3. HND applicants may be considered for graduate diploma at INTO Stirling
    4. Passport face page MUST be included with any application.
    5. 3rd class degree holders will be considered for premasters
    6. Some applicants will have credibility interviews with INTO staff, depends on nationality.
    7. There are INTO scholarships which may be given to students with academic merit or financial need i.e. if they get a scholarship they might choose INTO over Navitas or Kaplan etc.  These are not advertised but you can approach Matthew or Luke with a request for scholarship consideration.  University scholarships will be mentioned in any offer letter.
    8. Consolidated CAS may be provided if the student is doing a course that progresses onto a partner institution.  If it does not then the student would need to apply for a new CAS from the University that has given them admission.  Please see attached flyer.
    9. Students who attend the “International Medical Foundation” with INTO London will be guaranteed a medical interview with the medical school of the “University of Central Lancashire”
    10. Know your student - INTO do not like receiving applications from sub agents.
    11. Students can defer
    12. INTO Newton offers 2 year A Level courses which have achieved exceptionally high results for students: A and A* for most students.  It is expensive!  Ideal for students aiming for medicine or Oxford or Cambridge.
    13. Matthew happy to recommend a course if you are not sure what is suitable for your student.  Just email him their CV and what the student would like to do.



    All applicants must declare their immigration history.  If there are visa refusals to any country then some but not all INTO partners will not issue an offer.  This varies from university to university.  Please contact Matthew if you have a student who has visa refusals before applying to take his guidance on which universities might still consider them .



    If your student has non standard qualifications then you should contact Matthew for guidance on whether they will be considered BEFORE submitting an application.  Examples of qualifications that might not be considered are:

    • Vocational courses after year 10 of schooling
    • Distance learning degrees
    • Diplomas



    Applications to courses offered at MMU can be submitted through INTO from any nationality and 10% commission will be received.

    This is better than any commission % from other 3rd parties so I have updated the C2C Global commission sheet on the database (copy also attached to this email)

    Applications to Stirling from any nationality can also be made BUT PLEASE CHECK WITH ME BEFORE YOU DO THIS.  I am still hoping to persuade Stirling to give us a global contract because they offer 20% commission to direct agents so double what INTO would offer.



    Please read the direct applicant guide that you will find in the uploaded document section.  They may be considered but there are time deadlines that need to be followed such as within 15 days for the application being submitted.  



    The lowest entry requirements for students from India are into pathway courses at INTO Stirling.  The entry requirements are listed below.  Note that Matthew Fleming can provide the lowest entry requirements for other universities on request.


    • Foundation (IYO at STS) = Year 11 with 50%, or Year 12 Pass (need to have academic subjects though, civics, local religion, local language etc are not considered)
    • International Year One (IYO) (IY2 at STS) = Year 12 with 50% average in 4 academic subjects, one must be relevant
    • Grad Dip = 3 or 4 year degree from Government recognised institution
    • Any students with other academics/borderline cases send me first and I can recommend



    There is an intake for a 2 term pathway course at the following INTO partners (City, Manchester NCUK, Queen's Belfast and Exeter.  Please see website for further details.  Students generally have to have a slightly higher level of English than for the full foundation or pre-masters.



    INTO run a variety of webinars on their courses, to see what webinars are coming up please use the following link



    Please ask the student to complete the agent transfer form, then send it to Luke with a copy of their passport.  Luke will check before forwarding to Matthew for consideration

  • Commission(%): various
  • Commission(Additional Information):

    UK pathways

    12.5% commission for the INTO course plus £500 - £650 follow on commission which will vary depending on where the student is studying.

    If the student progresses to one of their partner universities after completing their pathway course a further 10% commission will be paid in year 2!

    US pathways

    12.5% commission for the INTO course plus 5% approximately for follow on commission which will vary depending on where the student is studying.

    If the student has direct entry to a partner university 12.5-15% commission will be paid.

    Australia Pathways

    10% commission for foundation or diploma plus AUD$2000 Follow on commission.

    Incentives and bonuses (message from Matthew 21 June 23)

    I’m writing today with information about our newly announced recruitment incentive to earn up to £1000 as an additional bonus. The terms are:

    -          All UK pathway study plans, and Academic English of 3 terms or more

    -          All UK centres (except INTO NCUK & INTO UoM), but does include INTO MMU

    -          For courses up to and including January 2024

    -          Applies to students who are not already confirmed (though backdated to the students who were confirmed since the 12th June)

    -          Excludes sponsored students


    Dates of incentive 12th June to 30th October:

    -          £750 for all 2 term academic courses

    -          £1000 for all 3 term + programs (including Academic English)

    VAT can be added to invoices if applicable - ie the student has gone to UK partner institutions.  VAT will not be applicable if the student has gone to INTO partner institutions outside of the UK.