Abertay University

  • Rank: 94 in Sunday Times League Table 2022
  • Address: Kydd Building, Bell Street, Dundee DD1 1HG
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • International Office Contact name: Prashant Dambhale (Regional Manager Abertay) Himani (Admissions South Asia) Richa Sapra (MSM) India Naveen Kumar (Technical support at MSM) Fin Hackwood - Abertay
  • International Office Contact Email: recruitment@southasia.abertay.ac.uk (Prashant) admissions@southasia.abertay.ac.uk (Himani) f.hackwood@abertay.ac.uk support@msmunify.com (Naveen)
  • International Office Contact Telephone: +916358913386 (Prashant) +91 63589 78343 (Richa) +91 90581 11216(Naveen) +44 (0) 7773 084368 (Fin)
  • Accommodation Office Contact Email: accommodation@abertay.ac.uk
  • Accommodation Office Contact Phone:
  • Tuition Fee Range: £14,000 - £17,000
  • Scholarships:

    £3000 scholarships for all international students.  They are automatically given with the offer letter and do not require a seperate application

  • Additional Info:



    Prashant Dambhale is the South Asia Regional Manager for the Unviersity based in Delhi.  He is an ex Study Overseas Ltd staff member from the Delhi office so is very pro C2C!

    He is supported by Himani who assists with the application administration

    Note that all applications from South Asia must be submitted through MSM who have their own dedicated Abertay support staff member called Richa Sapra.

    Key points from the training provided by Prashant Dambhale on 9 January 23 are detailed below:


    • No English waivers for students from South Asia - they must have an approved ELT
    • £3000 scholarships for all courses.  Tuition fees are highly competitive at around the £12000 after scholarship
    • 50% deposit before scholarship deduction before CAS is issued.  Remaining balance to be paid BEFORE the start of the course.  No instalments.
    • No credibility interviews except for students from Punjab and Haryana
    • 7-8 working days for decisions
    • UG entry requirements is generally 60% and above for 12th standard
    • PG entry requirements is 55-65% depending and above depending on the course
    • Gaps are accepted as long as they are explained in the application and proof provided
    • A fresh graduate MBA is likely to start in September 23 - not yet on the website
    • Professional courses (eg accounting) are not accepted for entry to PG courses
    • There is no foundation or pre-masters courses
    • Early application for accommodation (ie before visa) is strongly recommended as there is a shortage.  Do note that Dundee is a cheap city to live in so even if students are having to live outside of Dundee they can expect to pay much less than larger cities.


    Here is a link to the zoom recording.


    Abertay training Jan 23



    All applications from the above countries need to be submitted through MSM using the following log in and password details.

    If you are a new Counsellor (joined after January 23) you will need to contact Luke to ask to be set up on the MSM platform as a C2C Counsellor.  if you joined before that date you should already be registered and will have received an email in your inbox just after you joined C2C with your password.  

    Paste the following link into your browser: app.msmunify.com

    Then use your email address as your log in and the password that MSM has sent you. You then "create a student" on their platform.

    After the student is saved you can then select "Abertay University" and upload all their documents. Applications will then be checked by Richa Sapra and if all details are included then the application will be forwarded to the University. MSM will be conducting all credibility, pre-departure etc. If you are having any difficulty with your log in you can contact Luke.

    Here is a link to the MSM training MSM intro training



    Deadline for applications is 31 May 23



    Applications from other countries should be submitted direct to the University via their online application portal. Select "Connect2Counsellors" as the agent on the application form.

    Note most of the points mentioned in the South Asia section apply to other countries such as scholarships, deposits, credibility interviews, turnaround times. etc



    50% of tuition fees before scholarship have to paid as a deposit through Flywire.  There is no option to pay direct to the university's bank account.  The remaining 50% has to be paid before the start of the course.  There is no instalment plan.

  • Commission(%): 15%
  • Commission(Additional Information):

    Contract is global VAT can be added.