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£7.8 million of scholarships announced for September 23 and January 24

The University of Dundee wants to attract the brightest and the best international students to their campus which which is why they have a range of scholarships, collectively worth £7.8million for entry in September 2023 and January 2024, to help fund their education.

The University's Global Excellence Scholarships, for academic excellence are worth £6,000 per year of study (£18,000 for a 3 year degree, £24,000 for a 4 year degree, £30,000 for a 5 year degree. Their Global Citizenship Scholarships, for inspiring values, are worth £5,000 per year of study (£15,000 for a 3 year degree, £20,000 for a 4 year degree, £25,000 for a 5 year degree). There are also a number of other scholarships available including the Vice Chancellor's Scholarships for Africa, South Asia and Indonesia.

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In Dundee in 1881, Miss Mary Ann Baxter and her cousin, John Boyd Baxter - two of the famous Baxter family, who made their money from the Jute mills of the city - donated £140,000 to the creation of a college in Dundee. This was the beginning of the University of Dundee. On 1 August 1967, the royal charter was granted and the University of Dundee was formally established. The Queen Mother became the University’s first Chancellor, both raising its profile and acting as a vote of confidence in the fledgling institution. The main campus is within the West End of the City of Dundee.

The main campus at the university has undergone incredible change over the past 50 years. The 1960s alone saw the building of the Dentistry building, Bellmont Halls and, most notably, the Tower Building. Recent times have seen the rise of modern feats of architecture such as the Life Sciences building, the Dalhousie building and the award-winning School of Computing building.

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The University of Dundee is 1st in Scotland for graduate prospects in the Complete University Guide 2022

Tuition Fees & Scholarships

£19,000 – £24,100
approximately. Instalments may be possible. Your C2C counsellor will advise you of the exact tuition fee for your course.
Scholarships totalling £7.8 million are available which include:
  • Global Excellence Scholarships worth £6000
  • Global Citizenship Scholarships worth £5000
  • Vice Chancellor South Asia scholarship worth £5000
  • Vice Chancellor Africa scholarship worth £5000
  • Scotland’s Saltire Scholarship worth £8000

Your C2C counsellor will advise you on scholarship criteria, eligibility and application deadlines

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