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Abertay University has roots going back to 1888. Since that time Abertay has responded to the needs of industry, supplying a pipeline of graduate talent to work, lead and innovate across a wide range of sectors.

The University has forged a reputation as one of the UK's leading tech universities, they are best known for their expertise in video games education and their degrees in this field have been ranked number one in Europe for the last seven consecutive years.


Abertay has a compact city centre campus right in the heart of Dundee. Their buildings blend the modern with the historic, with their Edwardian Old College giving a taste of the past and the Kydd Building housing specialist labs such as Emergent Technology Centre, National Centre for Excellence in Computer Games and Scotland's only industry-standard food science consumer research lab. The University's award-winning and recently-refurbished Bernard King Library is a focal point for students, offering modern learning and collaboration spaces alongside a cafe and social areas.

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Why choose Abertay?

Abertay University was University of the Year for Teaching Quality in 2021

Tuition Fees & Scholarships

£14,000 – £17,000
approximately. Instalments may be possible. Your C2C counsellor will advise you of the exact tuition fee for your course.
A range of scholarships are available which include:
  • International Postgraduate Abertay Scholarships worth £3000
  • Fowlie International Scholarship worth £3500
  • Abertay International UG Scholarship worth £3000 per year
  • Scotland’s Saltire Scholarship worth £8000

Your C2C counsellor will advise you on scholarship criteria, eligibility and application deadlines

Choose your Counsellor

Read the profiles of our Counsellors and contact the Counsellor you think will be best able to advise you. Our Counsellors will help you find the right course, assist you with your application and guide you with applying for a student visa. We have a 100% visa success rate! You can contact any Counsellor, they do not need to be located in your home city. You can contact our Counsellors via email, whatsapp or by phone.


“Abertay University helped me get my foot through the door in this industry. As with many computer graduates who dream of working in a game studio, I decided that the best way for me to get a job in this field would be by getting a Masters degree in Computer Games Technology.

Not only did I get exposure to code, the course also offered insights in the business of game development and the type of markets that are out there. The course helped me build my portfolio of projects which helped me get my first job in gaming.”

Rejosh Samuel MSc Computer Games Technology


Connect2Counsellors is an official representative of Abertay University. This means that we can submit applications direct to the University and follow up with any queries. All our UK Counsellors are experienced counsellors, each has a proven track record in UK education counselling and UK student visa requirements. They are highly trained individuals having successfully placed many students with UK Universities and Colleges. Some have worked directly for UK universities so have in-depth knowledge on admission procedures and application processing.

A C2C Counsellor will assist you with all aspects of applying to study in the UK, this includes:

C2C has a 100% UK student visa success rate for the September 22 intake.

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