Heriot-Watt University Dubai

  • Rank: 29th in Sunday Times Ranking 2021
  • Address: Dubai
  • Country: United Arab Emirates
  • International Office Contact name: Meenu Sharma Aditya Thomas
  • International Office Contact Email: meenu.sharma@hw.ac.uk A.Thomas@hw.ac.uk
  • International Office Contact Telephone: +91 9311855118 (Aditya) +971 4 872 7000 (Admissions in UAE)
  • Accommodation Office Contact Email:
  • Accommodation Office Contact Phone:
  • Tuition Fee Range: 58,000 - 136,000 AED (£11,600 - £27,200)
  • Scholarships:

    There are a variety of scholarships such as: Merit Scholarships (for good grades) Full Advance Fee Payment Discount Covid Relief Scholarship 8000 AED Have a read of the PDF sheet on fee scholarships and course list. if you cannot read it because it is a PDF file (converted from excel) please contact Luke who will email you a direct copy which will be easier to read.

  • Additional Info:

    HW Dubai has 4,400 students and a wide range of ug and pg courses. Key Selling Points: 1. No English language requirement 2. Gaps in study allowed 3. No financial documents required to apply for a student visa 4. Students can work in Dubai part time and full time 5. PG Students can transfer to part time study when in Dubai and work full time 6. UG Students can transfer to the UK after foundation year, 1st year or second year. 7. 24 hours for a ug decision 8. 2 - 3 days for a pg decision 9. Dubai is tax free for any earnings 10. 25% automatic scholarship for Petroleum engineering students 11. 8 instalments for PT students, 4 instalments for FT students Please refer to attached documents "Why HW Dubai" for further information Here is the zoom link to the latest C2C agent training recording held on 28 January 2022 Zoom Link (Passcode: W5%+WEHu)

  • Commission(%): 17.5%
  • Commission(Additional Information):

    Payment will be made in AED