University for the Creative Arts

  • Rank: 71/131 Sunday Times University League Table 2021. TEF Gold
  • Address: UCA Farnham Falkner Road Farnham GU9 7DS Campuses in Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham and Rochester
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • International Office Contact name: UCA use Global University Systems (GUS - which is changing its name to InUni) We do not deal direct with the University. Sini Nair, Business Development Manager
  • International Office Contact Email:
  • International Office Contact Telephone: +91 79947 91119
  • Accommodation Office Contact Email:
  • Accommodation Office Contact Phone: +91 79947 91119
  • Tuition Fee Range: £12,000 - £15,000
  • Scholarships:

    £3000 automatic scholarship for Indian students. Will be mentioned in offer letters

    To pay the "discounted fee" listed on the website the student must prepay all their tuition fees before the start of the course.

  • Additional Info:

    HOW TO APPLY (method changed on 22 March 22)

    Following feedback from previous intakes and in order to streamline the admissions process to ensure students receive conditional offers sooner there has been a change to application procedure

    Application process:

    Step 1: Submit a simplified registration form for UCA brand via GUS Gateway Portal entering your students details. 

    Step 2: Submit a full application via the following link going by your student’s chosen course specific page All Courses | University for the Creative Arts ( ensuring that your select InUni (a company of Global University Systems ) within “Enter if agency is being used” section so that we can track your application and allocate it to your agency from our side once the offer has been issued

    Documents upload process:

    You will no longer need to upload documents via GUS Gateway. Instead once your students receive their UCA id they will be able to access UCA applicant portal

    Log in to the portal ( using password they initially created when submitting their UCA application form. Once students receive their conditional offer letter they will be able to upload their documents within UCA applicant portal which includes portfolio, academic documents, proof of English and other required documents.

    Please ensure you follow the guidelines (see "instructions for uploading to the applicant portal new" on here) on uploading documents and portfolio and don’t forget to submit your documents once you have uploaded them fully.

    You can save your documents within UCA applicant portal before submitting them if you haven’t yet arranged all required documents. If applicants have any problems with uploading documents via UCA applicant portal, please contact UCA applicant portal team on If applicants have any questions in regards with their specific application, they can contact admissions team



    To sign in to the GUS portal please use the username and password details below


    Password: C2c@2023$



    Please refer to the attached PDF on "entry criteria" English language information is contained on the PDF or you can copy and paste the link below into your browser:

    Note that 12th standard english exemption is not given to applicants from the Punjab or Haryana. They will need to do IELTS.


    All applicants to UCA will have a credibility interview which will take about 45 minutes. See attached PDF document with mock questions. The students record their answers and UCA will view the video and make a decision within 3 - 5 working days. To book a credibility interview use the new link for UCA below:

    Some students will have a Pre CAS interview run by UCA. See attached PDF with pre CAS questions. This is a live interview over the internet with a member of staff at UCA. Only students where there are concerns over their application eg English will be given one of these interviews.


    The deposit is £4,500


    This course requires 2 years work experience.


    For UG students there can be a gap of up to 2 years and for PG students a gap of up to 4 years. There are exceptions if a strong case can be made eg very experienced student wanting to do their MBA.


    There are around 100+ students from India at UCA


    SEPTEMBER 23 INTAKE (message from UCA)

    In order to help you kickstart recruitment for UCA September 2023 intake please find important updates and reminders on previous updates for your convenience from UCA as per below:


    • MoI is no longer accepted for ALL the Business programmes (PG/UG/Pathway entry) for South Asia regions (India, Pakistan, Bangladeshi, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the rest of SA region) 
    • Please note UCA will not be processing every single application for business courses due to high volume of applications and limited spaces therefore we will be taking further filtering steps before your students applications for business courses could be processed further. It’s important you work with your relevant business developer to clear your students pipeline and only keep active applications who will be converting for September 2023 intake – students meet criteria, provided all documents, passed our interview etc
    • MoI is accepted for applicants from South Asia region, who applies for arts / design programme. This will include direct entry to PG and Pre-masters programmes.
    • For students from India - 70% in English in Higher Secondary can still be accepted as a proof of English as per previous entry requirements “Indian Standard XII from a NARIC recognised board with minimum 70% in English (excluding Punjab or Haryana boards)”
    • For BA Architecture and BA Film Production the English entry requirement will be increased from 6.0 to 6.5
    • Please note UCA Pearson English test score requirement has slightly changed. Please refer to below link for further details depending on the course your students are applying for:
    • Please also note UCA no longer accepts online English tests as per UCA website English Language Requirements | University for the Creative Arts (
    • Students who are deferring to Sept 23 from previous intakes and already paid might have their UOL offer granted provided MOI or online English test is still within accepted time limit and was provided by November 2022 
    • Please note UCA doesn’t accept students from Punjab region in India and those who completed their qualification in this region for pathway programmes entry (this includes both Foundation and Pre-Master’s entry standalone and integrated options). UCA does accept students from Punjab region in India for direct entry onto Bachelor’s and Postgraduate degrees though.
    • Please note UCA requires suitability interviews for ALL students applying for Business programmes and ALL Pathway (foundation/pre-Masters) programmes which you can book as per standard InUni suitability interview process. For students who apply for arts / design programmes please contact your relevant business developer to arrange a consultation session at the soonest.
    • Please note UCA will no longer issue auto-conditional offer after new application is submitted – New Applications are now part of a full Qualification review meaning conditional and/or unconditional offer can only be issued after required documents are uploaded via applicant portal (need to show academic docs confirming completion or due to complete - this is for conditional offer issuing, the minimum documents are: academic documents (such as completion letter, transcripts). Please do encourage students to submit all the documents if they have them ready, so that UCA could issue unconditional offer straight away. 
    • Once application is submitted online, admission will open the portal for the applicant, this can take 24 – 48 hours after the application is received.
    • This is a kind reminder to please ensure you and your teams follow the process outlined below as per previous communication shared.


    Application process:


    • Step 1: Submit a simplified registration form for UCA brand via GUS Gateway Portal entering your students details. If you have any issues with your access to GUS Gateway please feel free to reach out to your relevant business developer for further support. Tutorial: InUni New Application on Vimeo
    • Step 2: Submit a full application via the following link going by your student’s chosen course specific page All Courses | University for the Creative Arts ( ensuring that your select GUS/InUni (a company of Global University Systems) within “Enter if agency is being used” section – (this is incredibly important to avoid any further issues!) so that we can track your application and allocate it to your agency from our side once the offer has been issued


    • This is a reminder that students from South Asia are required to make first year full fee payment for their CAS to be considered. Please note that payments methods used by students for UCA programmes should be either Western Union(Convera) or card payments. Please find instructions attached.

    Please note Western Union have a price promise; full details are on their website, but essentially if a student can prove that a comparable quote (i.e. same currency, date etc) is cheaper than WU they will match it. However this is rarely paid out because most banks charge transfer fees and exchange fees, so by the time you add up all the periphery charges WU is no more expensive – and we are guaranteed 100% of the amount paid, unlike bank charges where often the banks deduct fees so the amount the University receives is ‘short’ and they  have to change the students small balances.


    • Great news for any applicants from South Asia region India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Vietnam as they are eligible for “UCA Creative Development Scholarship” which is now £4,500 fee deduction but full first year tuition fee payment is required prior to CAS issuance.
    • Any applicant from outside South Asia region or Vietnam, their given scholarship will be remained, applicants from outside SA region or Vietnam, need to apply for “International Future Leaders of the Creative Industries Scholarships” as there is no domicile auto scholarship anymore.

    Please find more information within the flyer attached website link below

    Scholarships | University for the Creative Arts ( 


    You can already submit new applications for September 2023 intake. Please ensure you start with GUS Gateway quick registration form Login ( before filing application on UCA website and ensure you select GUS/InUni within agency section to ensure smooth tagging process.


    Any questions please feel free to reach out to your relevant business developer.

  • Commission(%): 20 - 25%
  • Commission(Additional Information):


    1 - 10 students = 20%

    11 -40 students = 22.5%

    >41 students = 25%



    1 - 25 students = 20%

    26 - 74 students = 22.5%

    >75 students = 25%



    10% commission



    If 30 or more students are recruited in one academic year (ug or pg) for UCA an additional bonus of £100 per each student will be paid.

Luke Jeffers


We would need a filled out form (UCA Authorisation for GUS Representation form) and an email confirmation from the student’s personal email id on agent change which we then need to discuss with the initial agent within 48 hours to ensure they are no longer in touch with the student. Regards Sini Nair FORM IS ATTACHED TO THE DB

Luke Jeffers


Dear Valid Partners, Greetings for the day! As we are fast approaching the spring 2022 intake(feb 2022) ,I would like to have your attention on the recent changes on UCA’S entry requirements, deposit payments and extra financial aids approved by UCA on top of GBP 2750 scholarship . English Acceptance Tests IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Oxford International Test, 12th grade English 70% min for English waiver(all boards except Punjab and Haryana market) Study Gaps Bachelors- 5 years Masters- 10 years (CV and SOP is mandatory for long gaps and will be audited by UCA’s compliance team ) Scholarship/Bursaries GBP 2750 Instalment option 50-50 option on tuition fees Additional discount Initial Deposit Full tuition fee payment one shot before enrolment - Additional 4% Discount +2750 (No 50-50 instalment option here) GBP 4500

Luke Jeffers


Password has changed for logging in applications to $C2c2022$

Luke Jeffers


Please find few updates and reminders on UCA for the upcoming intake to help you with students recruitment: Please find UCA course list attached listing international tuition fees as well as tuition fees for students from India after scholarship. Please kindly note UCA has approved an increased scholarship of £3000 for students from India for September 2022 intake! This will be automatically applied to your students unconditional offer letters. In case if you already received an unconditional offer which includes a previous scholarship of £2750 please kindly reach out to your relevant business developer so that an amendment can be actioned for your student. This is a kind reminder that: Students interviews accepted for February 2022 intake by UCA will not need to interview again for the September 2022 intake. However, students that have been previously interviewed for 2021 intakes should be asked to re-interview. Students that were previously marked as failed interview by InUni for any of the intakes will have an opportunity for a re-interview once from 01.02.2022 up to 15.04.2022 if they are now deferring to September 2022 intake. Students that have been previously marked as cheating will not be granted this opportunity. Please work closely with your relevant business developer to ensure your students are well prepared and have mock interviews before booking their suitability interviews. Please kindly ensure you include correct UCA id and course details when making interview bookings. UCA Suitability Interviews ( Please kindly note an update on academic entry requirement for PG applicants from India: Successful completion of your Bachelor's degree (minimum three years) with minimum 55% from a recognised university in India. Please note that currently there is no change to MOI and study gap requirements and they remain the same as for February 22 intake - MOI can be accepted on its own (without any additional requirement of HSC%) for India applicants (except applicants who completed education in from Punjab and Haryana) “You have achieved a bachelor’s degree from a recognised university (according to NARIC), where the Method of Instruction was entirely in English (teaching and assessment). MOI is not accepted for applicants who have completed their education from Punjab or Haryana, India.” Please also note that previous entry criteria is also still applicable so students can provide 70% in English from Indian Standard class XII on its own in order for their English to be waived (this excludes Punjab and Haryana boards as well as Foundation students) Please kindly remind all the students that they should ensure to select appropriate English language method from the drop down menu which will pop up when the student books their suitability interview UCA Suitability Interviews ( Failure to do so or incorrect information may lead to delays with application processing or other issues. Graphical user interface, text, application, email Description automatically generated A kind reminder on Study Gaps UG – up to 5 years Study Gap allowed PG – up to 10 years Study Gap allowed Please note that however applications between 6-10 years study gap will need to be audited by UCA Compliance team and students need to demonstrate strong reasons behind the length of this break as well as why they are returning to studies now etc. So please kindly ensure CV and any additional documents demonstrating this are provided accordingly. Any cases where study gap is 10 years would also need to provide Personal Statement. Please kindly note their Suitability interview recording will not be reviewed by UCA without Personal Statement. Please note that UCA is currently reviewing online English tests being accepted. Meanwhile please refer to the link below for English tests being accepted by UCA. English Language Requirements | University for the Creative Arts ( We will keep you posted if any further updates on entry requirements Please note that a course name of the International Foundation course is changed to the International Foundation in Creative Practices in September 2022. Gradate Diploma no longer runs from September 2022, but UCA provides the Postgraduate courses with integrated International Pre-masters option . The entry requirement of these courses are the same as Graduate Diploma used to require. If the applicant is still interested in joining UCA, please kindly guide them to the PGT courses with integrated International Pre-masters and let us know which course they want to defer to in Sep2022. Thank you for your continuous support and cooperation and here is to a successful September 2022 intake!

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Following the update from the UKVI we just want to provide you with the update on our qualification assessment changes for Bachelor’s degree Provisional Certificates for admissions onto Postgraduate degrees at UCA, Sep2022 intake applicants. UCA continues to accept a Provisional certificate for both making an offer unconditional and CAS but it needs to satisfy one of the below to be sufficient: The applicant needs to provide both a Provisional certificate issued less than 2 academic years (on/after 1 Sep 2019 for Sep2022 intake) and Transcripts, AND one of these must confirm that the degree/qualification is awarded/obtained/conferred/successful completion with the final Division/Class. For a Provisional certificate issued longer than 2 academic years (the issue date before 1 Sep 2018 for Feb2022 intake and before 1 Sep 2019 for Sep2022 intake) or from a region that doesn’t normally issue them (Americas for example despite being issued within 2 academic years), the applicant needs to provide a letter/email from their university/institution explaining the reason, AND; a letter/email should show a reason for delays in their final certificate issuance. In this case, please pass a scan of a provisional certificate, transcripts and a letter to IA. Note: If a letter shows it’s due to an unsuccessful outcome of their final qualification/degree achievement/award, their qualification can’t be accepted. If none of the qualification documents (a provisional certificate and transcripts) shows confirmation of a degree/qualification award at all, the applicant needs to provide a scan of an official letter from the degree-awarding body or their degree study institution confirming a degree/qualification has been awarded, which needs to be signed on an official headed paper. When UCA team processes Feb2022 intake’s CASes for those who have provided a provisional certificate as their qualification evidence, before CAS assignment, they will check if the above is satisfied. If not, UCA will request an additional document as needed. Please kindly ensure your students provide documents which meet the requirements accordingly. Thank you for your continued support.