Nottingham Trent University

  • Rank: 53/131 Sunday Times League Table. TEF Gold Ranking. 10th most applied uni in UK
  • Address: Nottingham Trent University 50 Shakespeare Street Nottingham NG1 4FQ
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • International Office Contact name: Shruti Jaggi. Regional Advisor South Asia Mirza Mujic. Senior Reg Mgr South Asia Hamza Ikram. Pakistan (NTU based) Elizabeth Osang (West Africa) Annabel Mitchel (Reg Mgr West Africa)
  • International Office Contact Email:
  • International Office Contact Telephone: +91 8800204519 (Shruti)
  • Accommodation Office Contact Email:
  • Accommodation Office Contact Phone: +91 8800204519 (Shruti)
  • Tuition Fee Range: £15,200 - £21,000
  • Scholarships:


    The final scholarship deadline for September 2023 is coming up soon on Wednesday 3 May 2023.


    Once your students have an offer to study at Nottingham Trent University (NTU), they can submit an application form.


    We have a range of scholarship open to all new international students:


    • NTU Excellence Scholarships - Up to 50%
    • International Scholarships - Up to £3,000
    • Regional and Subject Scholarships - Up to 50%
    View our scholarships

    Don't let your students miss the final deadline 


    Our scholarships come with great benefits which improve our students'  experience and provide invaluable skills. Our scholarships will provide:


    • A tuition fee reduction.
    • Joining a community for networking and socialising.
    • Opportunities for volunteering and work experience.


    In order to apply students only need to submit one scholarship application form. Within the application students need to complete one 500 word essay where they include details of their achievements, interests and academic accomplishments.


    Advise your students to apply for a scholarship before the final deadline so they don't miss out.


    If you have any questions about our scholarships please email to contact our team. 




  • Additional Info:


    Large University with 32000 students of which 15% are international.



    • 31 May 2023: recommended deadline to submit new postgraduate applications.  Note some courses will close earlier than this.

    • 14 July 2023: deadline for making advanced payment

    • 11 August 2023: deadline for meeting all other remaining conditions.



    UG 65% best pf 4 subjects in Class 12. English the only language that can be included in the 4 subjects PG 55% - 60% or 6 yo 6.5 in CGPA (5% less for Kolkatta)

    MBA requires 3 years work experience of which 6 months must have had some managerial component. Note that students who have a placement year will have a placement fee of £1,385. On average the salaries during placement years are £15,000 - £18,000.


    IELTS 6.5. Exempt if they get 70% or above in national boards. They only accept some State boards - contract Shruti for more guidance. Further information can be found here


    UG and PG applications can be made on line using the university's online application portal. Please read the Agent Portal Guide document which is attached if this is your first time uploading an application. You can find the agent portal here.


    Password: 8UcbWuhx79



    Please watch this video on how to write the best personal statement

    How to write the best personal statement



    There are no credibility interviews but they do have a dedicated visa team.


    They advised a minimum of £1000 per month or £9207 for the 9 months term.



    Following my meeting this morning with Shruti and Mirza from the NTU South Asia team we have agreed to several measures that will speed up decision making and importantly improve conversion from C2C to the University.




    Every Wednesday I will send a priority list to Shruti and her team of C2C students who have applied and are waiting for a decision.  

    I will require you to email me (not text) the following information if you want your student to be added to the priority list:

    Student First Name

    Student Family Name

    Student Mobile number

    NTU application ID number

    Course Applied for

    Date of application submission

    Any comments you want NTU to be aware of

    If you want to have your student included in the list you need to email me by TUESDAY each week. I will copy any counsellor into the priority list I send so you are aware it is in progress.

    It is so important that you only submit applications which have all the documents and in particular the SOP detailing why they want to study this course, why NTU, how it will assist their career.  There should be no gaps in CVs.  Do NOT submit incomplete applications, just wait until the student has given you everything required before submission as incomplete applications will not be processed.


    Phone calls to students on priority list

    Note that the NTU team will call students on the priority list.  This is to help convert them to NTU by answering any questions that they might have on their application, the university or the city.  Please let your students know to expect this call so they can be ready with any questions.


    I have set up a WhatsApp Group with Shruti and the South Asia team.  If you are not in this group please contact me so that I can add you. 


  • Commission(%): 10% - 20%
  • Commission(Additional Information):

    1 - 9 students = 10%

    10 - 19 students = 12.5%

    20 - 39 students = 15%

    40 - 49 students = 17.5%

    >50 students = 20%

    15% for students recruited to the Pre-sessional English for Academic Purposes PEAP course.

    £800 may be paid for direct applicants or students who change agents. An Agent Nomination Form must be completed and submitted by the student (see attached).

    VAT may be added to commission invoices

Luke Jeffers


New students from red list countries this September, will be reimbursed for their managed quarantine hotel cost. A communication has just been sent to September offer holders from red list countries. The process of how a student will be reimbursed will be communicated with students closer to the start of term (August / September). We will also keep you informed. An example of the email they would have received can be found in the ‘communications’ section of the GFN webpage.

Luke Jeffers


Deadline for supporting documents and advanced payments All final documents must be received and advanced payments must be in the University's bank account as soon as possible. We have advised students that the latest this can be is Monday 6 September 2021. If this date is met, we'll do our absolute best to process applications for the September 2021 course start dates. If necessary, suitable applicants will be offered a place on the next available course start date. It is also likely that any new applications submitted, will be offered deferral to the next start date. We recommend that all advanced payments are made using our online store as this is the quickest method of payment. For course start dates and induction information, please go to our course induction web pages. If you have any questions about September 2021 entry, please email and our dedicated team will be happy to help.

Luke Jeffers


January postgraduate courses Due to unprecedented demand, our Biosciences and Computing courses (full-time and sandwich) are now closed to new applications for January 2022 entry. We strive to ensure that our courses are of the highest standard and therefore limit places to make sure that all students receive a high quality of teaching. Advice if you've recently made an application If you've recently applied for a student and not yet had an offer, the Admissions team will be in contact to outline the options available. For students who already have an offer for January 2022, we look forward to welcoming them to Nottingham in the New Year. If they need any advice on how to meet their conditions please encourage them to check their emails from NTU, or contact us for help. January courses still available We are still accepting applications for other courses in the School of Science and Technology and in Nottingham Business School. Please check our webpages to stay up-to-date with the courses open to applications for January 2022 entry.

Luke Jeffers


Deadline approaching for meeting conditions All final documents must be received, and advanced payments must be in the University's bank account by Friday 26 November 2021. We are encouraging students to meet this deadline, so the Admissions team can do their best to update their application and issue a CAS before the winter break. If your students are unable to meet their conditions by the above date, they may wish to consider deferring their application to September 2022. Top tips The quickest method to upload documents is via the NTU Agent Application portal. And the quickest method to make an advanced payment is via our online store. (If a student does need to make their advanced payment via bank transfer, as this takes much longer please allow extra time and submit evidence of making this payment to We strive to ensure that our courses are of the highest standard and therefore limit places to make sure that all students receive the highest standard of teaching. Some of our courses are close to full capacity, so we encourage your students to meet their conditions as soon as possible to try to secure their place for January. If necessary, some offer holders and applications in process will be offered a place on the next available course start date, which may be September 2022. Scholarships The team are working hard to review all scholarship applications and will communicate the decisions as close as possible to the above deadline. Please encourage your students not to wait for their scholarship decision before beginning the process of meeting their conditions. Course start date Please remind your students, that it is very important to be in Nottingham for the start of term. It’s vital that students arrive on time so they can be involved with timetabled course induction activities. Here is a reminder of the course start dates: Postgraduate science courses start on 10 January 2022 Postgraduate business courses start on 17 January 2022

Luke Jeffers


Postgraduate offer holders – meeting conditions 

We previously advised postgraduate students to meet all their offer conditions by
15 July 2022. This was to ensure they were not disappointed if a popular course became full and to ensure that they had enough time to apply for their visa.


We have been advised that visa processing time has improved, and so for now we will continue to confirm students that meet all their offer conditions beyond this deadline. However, this may change if we feel students won’t have enough time to apply for a visa or a course closes due to reaching capacity.


Once a student has met all their conditions, it can take up to 10 days for their CAS to be emailed to them. Please note, University communications are restricted from 12 – 18 August 2022 due to the UCAS Embargo and therefore we will not be able to issue any CAS statements during this period.


Postgraduate – course closures

Due to the popularity of our postgraduate courses, we will be closing courses that are at full capacity.


We will keep the below webpage updated with a list of closed courses, so please check back regularly.

Closed courses

When a student is affected by a course closing, their options will depend on their current application status:

Offer holder for a closed course

If the student has been made an offer but not met their conditions, we will contact them to offer an option to defer to the next available intake. If they do not respond by the deadline given, we will withdraw or reject the application on the Portal.

Offer holder for a closed course, advanced payment made 

If your student has outstanding conditions but has made their advanced payment ahead of the closure date, their place will be honoured. Please support them in evidencing their remaining conditions as soon as possible. 

Made an application to a closed course

If the student’s application has not yet been assessed, the student’s application status will be updated on the Agent Application Portal to ‘Reject - your chosen course has no places available’. If the applicant wishes to be considered for the next intake, they will need to submit a new application. This is a simple process on the Agent Application Portal: search for the course, select the next intake and follow the simple steps. 


Clearing 2022 at NTU

If you have an Undergraduate student that wants to apply to NTU for September 2022, the quickest way to get their application assessed is via Clearing. These students should have all their final results and transcripts, including English language. Please get in touch with your Country Advisor and they will support you through the application process. 


Finally, January 2023

Due to the large volume of applications for September 2022, the January 2023 applications may not be assessed until after the September intake. Thank you for your patience and please reassure your students that these applications will be processed as soon as possible.