Teesside University

  • Rank: 87/131 Sunday Times 2021 League Table, 3rd in UK for Animation, 18/104 for Bioscience, 11/67 for Mech Eng
  • Address: Teesside University Middlesborough TS1 3BX
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • International Office Contact name: Padmini Parameswaran - Regional Director South Asia Kinjal Ghandhi Nitin Bhasson Themyo Zimik Jayanti Pathare (Ast Admissions Mgr) Vivian (West Africa Office)
  • International Office Contact Email: Padmini.Parameswaran@tees.ac.uk K.Gandhi@tees.ac.uk N.Bhasson@tees.ac.uk T.Zimik@tees.ac.uk J.Pathare@tees.ac.uk africa@tees.ac.uk
  • International Office Contact Telephone: +91 9820003149 (Jay Pathare) +91 98730 05531 (Padmini), Nitin Bhasson +91 99885 59109, Kinjal Gandhi +91 74330 45225, Vivian +2349066015859
  • Accommodation Office Contact Email: accommodation@teesside.ac.uk
  • Accommodation Office Contact Phone: +91 98730 05531 (South Asia Regional Office)
  • Tuition Fee Range: £8,500 - £17,000
  • Scholarships:

    Message from Teesside received on 17 March 22

    "SCHOLARSHIP Of GBP 2000 based on merit, English scores or IELTS scores-whichever is highest, making sure most of our students can take advantage of the scholarships. We have some basic changes that we would like you to be aware of before we start with the Sept 2022 application process. Discontinuation of the GBP 1500 Scholarship. The International scholarship now available to students will only be for GBP 2000 for those students who excel the entry requirement. The GBP 1500 scholarship is no longer available. The GBP 500 full fee discount is discontinued. " Scholarship link on website:


  • Additional Info:


    This is probably the cheapest C2C client in terms of tuition fees.

    Applications for January 23 entry can be submitted up to 28th October 2022




    Minimum average of 65% in Class 12/Intermediate Examination/Higher Secondary examination can be considered for a direct entry to a bachelor programmes.(Diplomas will be considered on case by case basis)

    English requirements:

    IELTS WAIVERS- for students who have 65/100 (State Board) in the subject of English with a few exceptions. (Students will have to take the TUELT)

    Ideal English requirements- IELTS 6.0 BAND Not lesser than 5.5 band in any module. PTE equivalent to 6.0 BAND IELTS accepted.


    55%* from Bachelor’s degree from institutions recognized by NARIC/ Ecctis or government recognized institutions (*-Requirements will vary depending on recognition and scoring systems used.) IELTS WAIVERS- for students who have 65/100 (State Board) in the subject of English with a few exceptions. (Students will have to take the TUELT)

    English requirements- IELTS 6.0 BAND Not lesser than 5.5 band in any module. PTE equivalent to 6.0 BAND IELTS accepted.



    Postgraduate Applications should be submitted direct through to the University through the course page by clicking on "Apply Now". You will need to create a new user where you enter the details of the student. Our agent code is "420"

    Undergraduate applications can be submitted directly using this link.  Remember to state the C2C code "420" on the application form.  

    Overseas undergraduate application link

    if you have an application for Teesside University Jan 23 intake please can you email the Teesside Lagos office africa@tees.ac.uk and provide them with the name and reference number of your student so that they can follow up.  If you do not there is a chance your student's application will be rejected with a message saying the application deadline has passed.



    The application process is now simplified into 3 steps starting with Conditional Offer, followed by an Unconditional Offer and then CAS.

    The University will no longer be issuing Academic Unconditional Offers and students will receive an Unconditional Offer only upon paying the deposit and clearing the Credibility Interview.

    After which submission of maintenance documents will be needed for issuance of CAS. Please refer to the website for the changes in Tuition Fee.

    The University will no longer be able to defer applications from one intake to the next. Every student will have to make a fresh application for each intake.

    The University will not be able to accept change of course requests so we advise all of you to speak to the students and help them choose wisely.

    See comments section for a list of courses which are suspended for Sept 2022.

    The University requests you to make the applications for the available courses ASAP as we may suspend courses as they keep getting full.

    The application process for Teesside University is via our Admissions Portal. The link for the same is as below:-


    Username: applications@connect2counsellors.com

    Password: lukeConnect123$ ( C is capital in password)

    On the application portal you are required to complete the details of the students as per their records. Certain details have to be double checked because the same later appear on the CAS.

    Kindly make sure that the email id and mobile number of the student are correct and not that of the agent. This registered email ID and Mobile number are constantly needed by the team to get in touch with the student and to add them to the WhatsApp groups, for important mails and updates related to the University.

    All fields marked with a Red * are Mandatory and cannot be left blank. If in case the student does not have those please make sure you add a (.) or (–) since the form will not move ahead without these details. e.g – If the student’s passport has only the forename and not the family name, you can put a (.) or (-) in that box The Date of Birth is one of the most important detail and we request you to please double check the same with students passport. The Passport number has to be accurately filled up as this will reflect in the students CAS.

    Options of the "highest level of Qualification that you currently hold"-

    For all students who have completed their previous education in India the option to be selected from the dropdown menu is “Other Non-UK qualification”. (Incase the student has completed the previous education anywhere other than the home country then the same can be selected from the other options.)

    The student’s past immigration History is very important, in cases where students have travelled to other countries for Education, a full detail has to be given as it is an important for the Compliance team to know.

    The previous education details have to be completed from most recent to oldest. Please do make sure that all the details are filled as per the records. The Result/Grade is very important and we request everyone to calculate the percentage and fill up the same, since the international admissions get result from various boards it is quite time consuming to find out the grade percentage.(The entry criteria is clearly mentioned above, so please refrain from putting up applications that are not eligible)


    If the student has IELTS as per the requirement please do mention the same on the portal. If you are attaching the IELTS scorecard the same has to reflect on Portal The complete Reference number has to be correctly filled up since we need to verify the same. We cannot consider non-verifiable results.


    If the student is going for any courses which require a portfolio, please make sure that the link of the portfolio is either mentioned or a PDF version of the portfolio is attached in the documents.

    Documents to be attached as PDFs

    Please make sure that all documents are attached separately as per the list in PDF formats preferably. Kindly AVOID attaching a combined PDF as the admissions team is required to upload each document separately

    We will accept applications and process the same only with all the below mentioned documents. It becomes very tedious to add one document after the other for one application. The only pending documents that we can wait for are letters of recommendation, final marksheets IELTS / PTE / final results and degree.

    1. 10th / 12th Marksheets (A levels-O levels)

    2. Relevant Marksheets (Degree, Masters)

    3. Provisional / Final degree

    4. Passport copy 1st and last page

    5. Statement of Purpose

    6. 2 x letters of recommendation.

    7. IELTS / PTE (If applicable)

    8. Digital Portfolio Google Link (If Applicable)


    A walk through the application process.

    Agents upload applications on the VAS portal.

    The India Admissions Team checks the same to upload it on to the E-Vision.

    The students will be then issued a Conditional Offer.

    The students need to book an appointment for the TELT, an interview with Teesside University's English Language Team by following this link https://tuelc.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php

    Schedule Appointment with Teesside University English Language Centre tuelc.acuityscheduling.com

    Schedule your appointment online Teesside University English Language Centre (Please encourage the student to do this at the earliest since at later stages we run full dates and potential students may lose an opportunity) .

    Once the student fulfils the academic conditions the student can go ahead and pay the initial deposit.( We will no longer be issuing an academically unconditional Offer.) .

    At this stage the student needs to complete the Credibility Interview. .

    Once the Initial deposit is received by the university, and the student has fulfilled all the other conditions an Unconditional offer or Pre- CAS will be issued.

    Once the student and agent confirm that all details are correct the maintenance documents can be submitted on the student portal as per guidelines and the CAS shall be issued.


    C2C unique application code is "420"

    Documents should be scanned and not taken from photographs. If documents are not good enough quality the application will not be processed. Documents should not be in one file but as separate documents clearly labelled eg 12th standard, Degree transcript, IELTS test, so they are easy to identify.


    In the recent times the University has come across a number of fake and forged documents for the CAS. To make sure that they can avoid any issues caused by this they request all of you to E-Mail the maintenance documents to their Compliance managers.

    All students/agents from North India are requested to email the maintenance documents to Nandan Padavala at p.naidu@tees.ac.uk and all students/Agents from South India are requested to mail Iona Furtado at i.furtado@tees.ac.uk

    Students/Agents can continue to upload the documents on the portal but the same have to be emailed to the South Asia Compliance Team


    This is one of the cheapest cities to live in within the UK. Accommodation costs on average £60 - £115 per week. The University has an English Language Cafe designed for overseas students.


    Students who have applied directly or through another agent and want to use C2C should email directly to Padmini and copied to Nitin to advise that they want to use C2C. They will then update their system.


    The deadlines below are final dates by which we can receive offer acceptances, deposit payments, and all documents to fulfil offer conditions. We strongly advise that applicants fulfil these conditions as soon as possible, rather than waiting until close to the deadline.

    January 2023 entry

    Accept offer and pay deposit - Check the deadline shown on Conditional Offer letter Meet all offer conditions - 1 October 2022

    Provide maintenance documents for pre-CAS checks - 15 October 2022

    Please advise applicants to check their Unconditional Offer letter and Student Visa application and CAS application process for details of items they may still need to provide to us prior to being issued with a CAS.

    Note that students wanting to defer to Jan 23 will need to submit a new application


    Students must pay a deposit of £4,000 before they enrol at the University. They can pay the remaining balance in up to seven monthly instalments.  It is likely that the University want to ask the student to arrange a direct debit for the instalments so they are automatically taken from the students account.

    Course fees are fixed at the same level for all the years you study on the same course. As an international you can pay fees in your own currency.


    This is an excellent guide to SOP writing but remember it is aimed at UK students so make sure your students include "why Teesside" and "Why UK"




  • Commission(%): 15% - 20%
  • Commission(Additional Information):


    1 - 5 students = 15% commission

    >6 students = 20% commission

    For UG students we will receive a payment for each year. First year 15%, second year 10% and third year 5%. Counsellors are reminded to remember to invoice C2C for the second and third year commission payments for UG students.

    In addition to the above commission a Performance Bonus will be paid once per year after looking at the total for both intakes. The Performance bonus is as follows:

    11+ students = £180 per student

    16+ students = £270 per student

    25+ students = £368 per student

    75+ students = £540 per student

Luke Jeffers


Padmini has advised that students have time until the 25th of July to obtain an unconditional offer (if they have a conditional offer). The last date for them to pay their deposit, however, is the 18th of July for students who are paying through bank transfers because it takes a week or more for the payment to reflect in the university’s account. Please ask the students to send a change of agent request from their own email ids to me and Nitin and we will make the changes on our systems as soon as we receive their email.

Luke Jeffers


No more applications can be considered for Sept 21. Students will only be considered for Jan 22 intake now.

Luke Jeffers


To help your applicants stay on track with their applications, we want to remind you of some important upcoming admissions and compliance deadlines for September 2021 entry to Teesside University. September 2021 entry Admissions and Compliance deadlines at Teesside University 23 July 2021 Offer deadline - latest date Teesside University will make offers for September 2021 entry 28 July 2021 Deposit deadline. Deposits must be received and cleared by this point. UF deadline - applicants must have met all academic offer conditions 2 August Deadline for submitting maintenance documents and mandatory surveys Over the past few years we have experienced outstanding growth in international student recruitment and much of this success is due to your efforts in supporting students to Teesside. We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your hard work and commitment in making Teesside a fantastic place for international students to enhance their education and careers. Please ensure, where possible, that applicants submit documentation on time and pay their tuition fee deposit with sufficient notice to allow for the payment to clear. Deposits must be received by 28 July 2021, so we would recommend that payment is made a number of days prior to allow for clearance. Information on payment options can be found on our website. If you would like to discuss any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact us at international.office@tees.ac.uk.

Luke Jeffers


Dear Valued Partner, I hope that this message finds you well in the midst of one of our busiest times of the year. I am writing to you with an update to our commission and bonus scheme for the upcoming academic year. For the first time, agents will be able to receive follow-on commission for Teesside University students recruited to Undergraduate programmes. This is offered at a rate of 10% for the second year of UG study with Teesside University and 5% for subsequent years studied at UG level. This arrangement will come into effect for Teesside University students starting in the 2021/22 academic year with the follow-on commission being paid from 2022/23. This is not applicable to students on Teesside University Integrated UG programmes with Teesside University partners. In addition to this, I am also able to confirm that we will be offering students follow-on scholarships of £1000 for each subsequent year of UG study, offered as a partial fee waiver. This arrangement will come into effect for students starting UG programmes at Teesside in the 2022/23 academic year, therefore the first follow-on scholarships will be applied from 2023/24. Finally, we are also introducing a new bonus of £540 per student for agents sending more than 75 students to Teesside University in an academic year. This will be effective from 1 August 21/22 and will be applied to commission claims made following the September 2021 intake We will soon be writing to you again to confirm full details of our fees and scholarships for 2022/23 entry, however I wanted to share these updates with you prior to this. In light of these changes, we will be removing the early payment discount for students starting at Teesside University in the 2022/23 academic year, therefore this discount will only be applicable in the September 2021 and January 2022 intakes. I hope that the updates are welcome and I look forward to working with you as always. Once the post-covid world allows our team will also be delighted to see you in person to thank you for the support you have provided Teesside University in these challenging times.

Luke Jeffers


I would like to bring into your notice that students who all are waiting for their deferral offers for Jan 22 Intake, Please ask them to pay the tuition fee deposit ASAP and after making the deposit we will issue the deferral offers. This is the only way we can get easy conversions and avoid students taking deferral offers where they can still consider different universities. In case, if student is not willing to pay the tuition fee deposit for Jan 22 deferral offers, then we would like to request you to submit the new application via VAS portal for the same. PS: NO deferral offers will be issued without tuition fee deposit for Jan 22 INTAKE.

Luke Jeffers


As you all are aware of the high volume of applications being received from the South Asia region. We request you all to please send us priority lists everyday and we shall process the same immediately. All those applications which are already showing as "IN PROGRESS" On the VAS portal will be issued but all those which are still showing as "PENDING" will be progressed only once we receive a priority list. Please do send names and VAS id's of those students only that are ready with payments and are keen on Teesside University. It has become humanly impossible for us to progress all the offers that are received. Please note you can send the lists to me and my collegue Nitin (n.bhasson@tees.ac.uk) kindly copy the email to both of us. image001 Kinjal Gandhi

Luke Jeffers


Just to let you know that we have opened the 2nd Acuity account for TELT bookings for degree entries in January 2022 only from September 20th. It can be accessed with this link: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=18417628

Luke Jeffers


28th September 2021 last day for new applications to be received for Jan 2022. 9th November 2021 last day for deposits to be received via bank transfer 16th November 2021 last day for deposits to be received via debit/credit card 26th November 2021 last day to submit maintenance documents and mandatory surveys 20th December 2021 last day a CAS will be issued. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE THE FIXED LAST DATES FOR THE SOUTH ASIA OFFICE PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU INFORM THE STUDENTS NOT TO GO BY THE INTERNATIONAL DATES ON THE WEBSITE OR CHECKING WITH THE INTERNATIONAL TEAMS.

Luke Jeffers


In reference to the TUELT slots, we have opened few more slots in the month of October for the applicants. Please see the below TUELT booking link for your reference. https://app.squarespacescheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=24138479

Luke Jeffers


Applicants who are currently holding an unconditional offer: We would like to offer applicants who have paid their deposit and met their offer conditions early-bird priority which gives them the opportunity to complete your Pre-CAS checks early. To take advantage of this offer applicants need to meet the following deadline: 17th October 2021 Deadline for submitting Maintenance Documents & Mandatory Questionnaires. If applicants submit their maintenance documents and mandatory questionnaire by the 17th October our team will complete the pre-CAS checks on these items and issue them with a CAS before the end of October 2021 providing there are no issues with the items they submitted. Please ensure, where possible, that applicants submit documentation on time and pay their tuition fee deposit with sufficient notice to allow for the payment to clear. We would recommend that payment is made a number of days prior to the deadline to allow for clearance. Information on payment options can be found on our website. If you would like to discuss any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact us at international.office@tees.ac.uk.

Luke Jeffers


Hello Everyone, In continuation to the previous email regarding last dates, The last date for students to be unconditional is 19 November and we would like them to achieve that status before that date to avoid any delays. As you are aware bank transfers from India take from a week to 10 days to get processed and reflect in an overseas account. Keeping this in mind we have a separate set of deadlines for students applying from South Asia. The last payment date if the deposit / tuition fee is paid via bank transfer is 9th November. For online payments/ credit or debit card payments the last date is 16th November. Please advise all students to abide by the deadlines. There is always the risk of payment not reflecting in the account by the last date prescribed by the university and this could lead to the student being withdrawn in this intake. Hello Everyone, Greetings from Teesside University!! Please find below the last dates for the January 2022 Intake. 9th November 2021 last day for deposits to be received via bank transfer 16th November 2021 last day for deposits to be received via debit/credit card 26th November 2021 last day to submit maintenance documents and mandatory surveys 20th December 2021 last day a CAS will be issued.

Luke Jeffers


I am writing with an important update regarding our January 2022 intake at Teesside University. Due to the global situation and the impact on travel options, we have experienced an unprecedented number of international applications for this intake, resulting in some significant challenges in meeting the demand for places. Due to the extremely high number of applications, it will not be possible for us to assign a CAS to every offer holder for January, including for some who have met conditions. What does this mean for the applicants you are supporting? We are contacting applicants directly with the following message: If you have already received your CAS: Please do not worry, your place is secure. Continue with your visa application and preparations to study. If you have not yet received your CAS: Our admissions team is working hard to review all current applications and to update applicants of their offer status as quickly as possible. At this stage, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a CAS. Applicants who cannot be offered a CAS for January will be offered the opportunity to defer to a later intake and given a full refund. Please advise applicants to look out for further communications from our International Admissions and Compliance team, which will confirm the outcome of their applications and options available to them, and will give details of a dedicated support hotline we have put in place at +44 (0)1642 738610. We apologise for the uncertainty and appreciate that this may cause unavoidable disappointment for some applicants. We also acknowledge that limited availability of places may impact commissions, and where possible we will encourage affected applicants to defer to a later intake. Sincere thanks for your ongoing support.

Luke Jeffers


Hello, Please note that Priyanka is on maternity leave from today. You may forward your email to me for a response. Kindly include my colleagues Nitin Bhasson and Kinjal Gandhi (email addresses mentioned above) in the CC of the mail. Regards, Jay Pathare Assistant Admissions Manager

Luke Jeffers


Process for refunds Refunds for online payments: If your applicant paid their deposit online there is no need to submit any request. The deposit will automatically be refunded to the original payer online to the card details payment was made on. A remittance advice will be issued to the payer’s email address once the refund has been made. Refunds for payments by bank transfer or Western Union Business Services: 1. If your applicant paid by bank transfer or Western Union Business Services you need to complete the Refund Request form which is available on our website. Click on the header - Refund Request Form and the document will open in Microsoft Word. 2. Please complete the applicant's details by adding: - Their student ID (e.g. B1234567), full name, current address and personal e-mail address. - Refund type – e.g. International deposit - Reason for refund – e.g. CAS refusal - Requested amount to be refunded – enter the amount in GBP - Original payment method – e.g. bank transfer etc. - Payee name – the person that made the original payment. If the payment was made via a third party e.g. Unimoney Collections then you must put the third party name as the payee. - Payee address – originating payer or paying agent’s address Please remember that due to Anti-money Laundering Regulations the University can only refund the person who originally made the payment and will use the same method of payment to make the refund. If the payment method requested differs from the payment method used a refund will not be issued. - Bank details – please input the details of the account that the payment came from (bank transfers only) - Sign and date the form 3. You must submit a copy of the original payment transmission document alongside the Refund Request Form (bank transfers only) making sure that the bank details match those contained in the Refund Request Form. If you don’t supply the transmission document we cannot issue the refund. 4. Please submit both documents to studentfees@tees.ac.uk. Your refund will be processed as quickly as possible. Following these steps will assist our finance team in processing your refund as quickly as possible. As you are aware, refunds by bank transfer or Western Union are not immediate and it may take several days from the date the University makes the payment for the funds to clear in the recipient’s bank account. Also, please remember that the amount received by the University will be refunded, although the refund amount you receive may differ from what was paid due to exchange rates and bank charges applied to the original payment. I hope you find this information helpful. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your patience and support. I look forward to working with you over the coming year.

Luke Jeffers


One of the things that kept coming up from our compliance team was the insistence for good quality documents in colour. The preference is for scanned documents rather than photographed as these give a higher quality result. We request you all ensure that all documents submitted by students are provided as good, clear, colour copies (not photocopies). If documents aren’t good enough quality then we’ll return them and won’t be able to proceed to CAS until the required standard is submitted. In relation to this, we are changing our process for building a students ‘Appendix D’ file to comply with our UKVI record-keeping obligations. Although we do currently double check documents before the CAS is issued, this is going to be enhanced and the documents flagged within our system as being ‘used for evidence’ at that point (pre-CAS as opposed to post-CAS). This will reduce the risk of us issuing a visa to someone who we are missing documents for. Often we find that academic documents uploaded to VAS/e-vision are all in one file – several pages of all different kinds of documents. Please note this will vastly slow down our CAS issuance as we need to save the individual page we need (ie degree certificate or Indian XII) and then re-upload it to e-vision as a separate document. It would therefore be really helpful if you could ensure that documents (particularly degree certificates and Indian XII certificates) are uploaded as separate documents at the application stage

Luke Jeffers


MPH Public Health MPH Public Health (Applied) MSc Advanced Biomedical Science MSc Bioinformatics (AP) MSc Environmental Management MSc Environmental Management (AP) MSc Food Processing Engineering MSc Food Science and Biotechnology MSc Food Science and Biotechnology (with AP)

Luke Jeffers


Applicants who received their offer before 10 March should ensure the University receives their deposit no later than 15 June.

Applicants who received their offer after 10 March should ensure the University receives their deposit by the deadline stated on their conditional offer letter.

Luke Jeffers


Please make a note of the below mentioned KEY DATES  for Sept 2022 intake.