University of Dundee

  • Rank: 24/131 in the Sunday Times League Table. TEF Gold for teaching. 11th for Student satisfaction
  • Address: University of Dundee Nethergate, Dundee DD1 4HN
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • International Office Contact name: Nick Andrews (RM) South Asia Ayush Acharya (Int'l Officer for PG Indian) Riddhika Shah (Sannam?) Nikita Matthai (Recruitment Advisor) Jonathan Fortune (Africa) Calum Frazer (West Africa) Halima
  • International Office Contact Email:
  • International Office Contact Telephone: +91 99879 00660 (Riddhika & Nikita) +234 814 405 0376
  • Accommodation Office Contact Email:
  • Accommodation Office Contact Phone: 01382 383 838 (switchboard)
  • Tuition Fee Range: £18,950 - £22,950
  • Scholarships:

    Automatic £5000 discount on tuition fees for the September 21 and January 22 intakes with the exception of UG medicine and dentistry.

    There are GREAT scholarships worth £5000. See website for details.

    There are 10 x £500 Islamic Finance Scholarships for the PG Islamic Finance course.

  • Additional Info:


    Number 1 in the UK for Biomedical Engineering and Life Sciences There are 8 week internships for PG courses in the Business School.


    60% overall but 75% will get students into Year 2 of some courses PG: 55% minimum from Central (Tier 1 ) universities. 60% for all other universities. Decisions generally take 3 - 5 working days except for UG medicine and dentistry. There are NO credibility interviews


    Both UG and PG can apply online with the exception of UG medicine and dentistry which must go through UCAS. There is a relevant section in the online form to enter Agent Details. Please add your own C2C email address so you get copies of all correspondence. The university intends to launch an agent portal in due course.


    If you have queries regarding PG applications from Indian students you can email Ayush Acharya who is the International Engagement officer at the University. 



    Please see



    Important update - deposit payments

    For September 2023 and January 2024 our minimum tuition fee deposit has increased to GBP 5,000.


    There are different deposit amounts and arrangements for some specialist courses - MSc Social Work, MSc Human Clinical Embryology and Assisted Conception, and MChOrth Orthopaedic Surgery. Full details for these courses are listed on our website and will be in Offer Letters.


    We have increased the minimum deposit following advice from UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). If your student has previously paid GBP 3,000 (for example, if they deferred from January 2023) they will need to make an additional payment to meet the new minimum deposit amount.


    Important dates for postgraduate taught applications

    Due to the volume of applications we are receiving, we are implementing 'soft' and 'hard' deadlines for our courses. Complete applications received before the 'soft' deadline will be processed for a decision. For those applications received after the 'soft' deadline, we will only be able to process for a decision if capacity allows us to do so.

    MSc International Business, MSc Management, MSc Business Analytics & MEd Education (Leading, Learning & Teaching):

    • 'Soft' application deadline: 13 March
    • 'Hard' application deadline: 15 July

    MSc International Marketing (and pathways):

    • 'Soft' application deadline: 30 April
    • 'Hard' application deadline: 15 July

    All other Taught Postgraduate September 2023 applications:

    • ​Application deadline: 15 July

    To enable swift decision making please ensure all required documents are uploaded (academic qualifications, English language test, passport etc.) when you submit the application.


    After receiving an offer, applicants must complete the following tasks by Monday 14 August:

    • accept their offer
    • meet all the academic and English language conditions

    By Wednesday 16 August applicants must have:

    • paid the minimum tuition fee deposit and upload proof of payment to eVision. We strongly encourage students to do this as soon as possible to allow time for the payment to clear into the University's bank account by this deadline.

    By Friday 25 August applicants must have:

    • reviewed and submitted their pre-CAS checklist.

    The last date the Admissions Team will issue a CAS for September 2023 entry is Thursday 31 August 2023.


    It is important that you support your students to complete these tasks as soon as possible before these dates to give the best chance of them being able to join us on time for September 2023. The start date of our September 2023 Welcome Week is Monday 11 September 2023.


    Important dates for undergraduate applications

    The last date we will accept new undergraduate applications for September 2023 is Monday 21 August 2023.


    By Friday 25 August 2023 applicants must have:

    • accepted their offer
    • met all academic and English language conditions
    • paid the minimum tuition fee deposit and uploaded proof of payment to eVision. We strongly encourage students to do this as soon as possible to allow time for the payment to clear into the University's bank account by this deadline.

    By Tuesday 29 August 2023 applicants must have:

    • reviewed and submitted their pre-CAS checklist.

    The last date the Admissions Team will issue a CAS for September 2023 entry is Thursday 31 August 2023.





    Should you have any questions about the University of Dundee please do get in contact with your regional contact.

    Paul McBean, Senior International Officer and Regional Lead,

    Vivian Chow, Regional Manager,
    Joe McKinney, International Officer,

    Paul McBean, Senior International Officer and Regional Lead,
    Joe McKinney, International Officer,

    Cynthia Abayomi, West Africa Recruitment Officer (West Africa),
    Jonathan Fortune, International Officer (East Africa),

    East Asia
    Dandan Wu, Senior International Officer and Regional Lead,
    Joe McKinney, International Officer (North East Asia),
    Echo Liu, China Recruitment Officer (Based in Beijing),
    Sharon Xie, China Recruitment Officer (Based in Guangzou),

    Middle East
    Nick Andrews, Senior International Officer and Regional Lead,
    Hussnain Afzaal, Middle East Recruitment Officer (Based in UAE),

    South Asia
    Nick Andrews, Senior International Officer and Regional Lead,
    Jonathan Fortune, International Officer (Pakistan),
    Riddhika Shah, Regional  Adviser South Asia (Based in Mumbai),
    Nikita Matthai, Recruitment Adviser South Asia (Based in Mumbai),

    Europe & UKI
    Kirsty Fraser, International Officer,



  • Commission(%): 15% - 18%
  • Commission(Additional Information):

    1 - 4 students = 15% commission

    5 - 9 students = 16% commission

    >10 students = 18% commission

    The higher commission tier applies to all students.

    When assigning commission to each student please use 15%.

    UK office will advise if we go to the next tiered level.

    £3500 will be paid as a flat fee for UG medicine and dentistry.

    VAT can be added on top of commission invoices.

    University has advised that 10% commission can be earned on distance learning courses. A separate contract is required.

    Direct applicants who approach C2C Counsellors for visa guidance will be paid a flat fee of £450. A C2C Agent nomination form must be completed by the student.

    Invoices for commission should be sent no later than 31 March for September courses and 31 July for January courses.

    Agent Code for invoices is A15105

    Commission invoices to be sent on the University's excel template to Nick or Jonathan and copied to Pat Thaw

Luke Jeffers


We will meet the cost of managed quarantine (a maximum of £1,750) for new, existing and returning international students travelling to Dundee to engage in on-campus learning. This is available if you are travelling from your home country (the country where you were located when you applied to study at the University). The current requirement of the UK and Scottish Governments is that if you are travelling from red list countries you will have to stay in hotel quarantine accommodation at your port of entry to the UK. Our support package is designed to cover that cost to you.

Luke Jeffers


I hope by now you have received the email from our Head of Global and Engagement and Recruitment to inform you our applications systems will be down for maintenance from now until Monday 29th November at 9am UK time. You can also view a copy of this email by clicking here. Our applicants, including those that may have not received a reply from us yet, having also been notified directly to inform them of this and should be aware. I realise this will cause inconvenience for you and your students, as we will not be able to accept new applications, process responses or decisions, or issue CAS during this time. I would also like to take this time to apologise for the delays we have experienced in the past 2 months in regards particularly to our postgraduate applications for January 2022 entry. The University of Dundee is usually proud to be able to offer strong response times to applications however we realise we were not able to meet the expectations we normally hope to meet. I have been advised from our admissions that we are now back to a 3 – 5 working day response time for January 2022 and September 2022 applicants (not including our current system maintenance period). As we draw closer to January 2022 intake, I’d like to outline some updates from our end: Due to a high number of applications, we would strongly recommend any applications for January 2022 for our Postgraduate Business programmes (including MSc International Business and MSc Management) are submitted by Friday 3rd December with all documents included. This will help us ensure they can be processed prior to January 2022. This is slightly different to our advertised deadline of Friday 10th December for these courses, however as a team we hope to manage expectations by providing these updated timelines. We will still be able to process applications across our other January 2022 courses until Friday 10th December, including Undergraduate Business Management 3.5 year degrees, our LLM and MSc Sustainability courses and Science and Engineering courses (incl. Data Science and Engineering and Industrial Engineering and Management) amongst others. As a team, we are committed to help you and our students at every step in this process so please continue to connect with us where we can assist with your students and applications, though please do bear in mind the above timescales provided. It would be appreciated if this information can be cascaded across your teams. Thank you again for your incredible support for the University of Dundee.

Luke Jeffers


From now, we are aiming to issue a response to January 2022 applications within 3 – 5 working days and hope to issue a CAS within 7 working days from the point of receiving the deposit payment (noting there are three stages 1) Complete the pre-CAS checklist 2) Complete the Study on Campus task 3) Receive CAS). We are also welcoming applications for September 2022 and hope to respond within 5 working days. As things continue to be extremely busy working towards January 2022, I am keen to ensure you are using the best point of contact at the University of Dundee to answer any enquiries and make sure there are no mixed lines of communication to you and your colleagues. For all application enquiries and follow ups, please contact my colleague Riddhika Shah in our India office at Riddhika will then be able to issue a reply directly and follow up with internal colleagues to resolve any issues or enquiries.