City University

  • Rank: 82/131 in Sunday Times League Table 2021.
  • Address: City University Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • International Office Contact name: Lizzie Rankin, International Officer
  • International Office Contact Email:
  • International Office Contact Telephone: +44 (0)20 7040 8410
  • Accommodation Office Contact Email:
  • Accommodation Office Contact Phone: +44 (0)20 7040 8410
  • Tuition Fee Range: £14,570 - £18,000
  • Scholarships: There are a lot of different scholarships. Below are a few but students should look at the University's website for further information. The Presidents Scholarship is a UG scholarship of up to £9000 for the first year only. These are merit scholarships and there is a deadline in May. There are 30 of these scholarships. There are £2000 Engineering and Computing PG scholarships which are merit based. Absolute deadline is 1st July to be considered. These are merit scholarships Engineering scholarships PG Computing scholarships PG
  • Additional Info: UG applicants must apply through UCAS PG applications are to be submitted online through their website. After we have submitted an application to the University we MUST complete their online webform within 4 - 6 weeks. On this form we need to enter the following unique code to C2C UKCTUC Here is a link to the City Agent Referral Application form TWO AGENTS City contracts says the commission will be paid to the "representative that logged the application referral first." If you have a student who wants to use C2C after using another agent please discuss with Luke. He will then approach the university to discuss. The student should complete and sign the C2C agent nomination form plus give details about why they are unhappy with their current agent. No promise a commission will be earned but we will try.
  • Commission(%): 10 - 20%
  • Commission(Additional Information): CONTRACT IS FOR RECRUITMENT FROM INDIA ONLY Commission is 10% for courses. No commission will be paid for PG courses in the Business School For September 21 entry the School of Engineering & Computing have advised there will be enhanced commission. This will be 15% for the first 3 students and 20% for the 4th student onwards. MESSAGE FROM CITY UNIVERSITY DATED 10 JUNE 2021 The increased commission for the School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering (SMCSE) is for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. For PG: City will apply a 20% commission fee for numbers above 2019 recruitment (used as a basis for the next 3 years) For new agents: when they recruit up to 3 students, we will apply a 15% commission fee; from 4 students and above, we will apply a 20% commission fee (used as a basis for the next 3 years) For UG: We will apply a 20% commission fee for numbers above 2019 recruitment. For UG students this scheme is currently for 2021 intake only. For new agents: when they recruit up to 3 students, we will apply a 15% commission fee; from 4 students and above, we will apply a 20% commission fee. Please note that for 2021 this is the combined number of total UG and PG students. End of message from City 10/6/21 ----------------------

Luke Jeffers


n response to proposed changes to visa concessions (that may result in international students being required to be present in the UK to start in-person and on-campus learning from September), the University will offer financial support to students from countries requiring quarantine on arrival. The University has informed undergraduate offer holders of this decision and postgraduate offer holders will be contacted shortly. Once we have the full details we will also let you know.

Luke Jeffers


Online or in-person teaching Those requiring a Student Visa have a choice about how they want to begin their studies in September 2021. As part of this year’s CAS issuing process, students will be asked whether they intend to start their course in person, here in London; or, whether they wish to start their programme online, in their home country. If they start their studies online for term 1, the next opportunity for them to transition to in-person study in the UK will be for term 2, beginning in January 2022. All students have the option to begin their studies online and transition to in-person for term 2, in January 2022. Please note if they do choose to begin their studies online, at this stage, we cannot guarantee the benefits of the Graduate Entry Route. More information can be seen here under the tabs ‘Beginning your studies’ and ‘Your course’ CAS issuing process As explained above, as part of the CAS issuing procedure, students will be asked if they intend to start their course in person or if they wish to start their programme online, in their home country. A student who says ‘in person’ and completes all the e:vision tasks will be issued with a CAS. Where the students chooses ‘online’ they will not receive a CAS and the e:vision tasks will cease. A student can change their mind before the end of August and we ask them to contact their Admissions Officer if this is the case. Please note where an international student states they are in-person and does not complete registration with proof of having entered the UK using their Student Visa, their CAS will be removed. This is line with Home Office policy. More information can be seen here under the tab ‘Studying in-person’, and on the Visa webpages here International Support Package For all students from red-list countries, who arrive in the UK to start their studies this September, we will pay the costs associated with their quarantine. This package will cover accommodation and testing costs up to the value of £1,750. This scheme covers all new and returning international students arriving from red-list countries for the new academic year 2021.

Luke Jeffers


Clearing will open on Monday 5th July. If you have students that are interested in applying to City for September 2021 then please review the important information below which will explain the process. - From Monday 5th until Friday 16th of July a Clearing Webform will be available on the website here. The webform will also be on course pages of programmes which have places available. Students who already have their verified grades can fill in the form and will get either an instant rejection, an offer or a telephone number to call. - From Friday 16th July until Monday 9th August there will be a register your interest form online here. Those who have their verified results and are interested in courses which have places available will be emailed the link to the Clearing Web Form. - From Tuesday 10th August onwards there will be a Clearing webform here, and in all course pages which have places available. Students who already have their verified grades can fill in the form and will get either an instant rejection, an offer or a telephone number to call. If you have any questions about a particular student then please do not hesitate to contact us - or your specific contact in the International Recruitment Team.

Luke Jeffers


This is just a reminder there is a Register your interest form available on our website. This is for both students who are still waiting for their results and students who already have all their results. Please contact the International Team if you have a possible Clearing student between now and the 6th August and we will advise on the next steps. On Tuesday 10th of August, a Clearing webform will be available on our website and on the course pages. Please note that the International Team will be helping with Clearing so our response to you mails might be delayed during this period. In light of that, we encourage you to fill in the webform if you have any students wishing to apply through Clearing. Finally, we are still running a number of online chat sessions for students to find out more about the process, the options available and ask any other questions they may have. Register for these sessions here. Best, The International Recruitment Team

Luke Jeffers


Dear Partners, Thank you for all your support during this busy period. Please note that we still have limited spaces available on some of our courses in Clearing. You can make an application in Clearing HERE. Students will receive either an instant acceptance, a rejection or will be asked to call our Admissions Team before a final decision is given. The full list of subject areas that are still open, at the time of writing this email to you, can be seen below; School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering – Potentially a 20% commission rate will apply* Aeronautical Engineering Biomedical Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering Mechanical Engineering Computer Science Data Science Mathematics Mathematics and Finance Mathematics with Finance and Economics *Important Reminder: We will apply 20% commission for numbers above what you recruited in 2019 recruitment for all courses in this School. For new agents(who signed a contract after 2019 intake): when you recruit up to 3 students, we will apply a 15% commission fee; from 4 students and above we will apply a 20% commission fee. We will count both UG and PG numbers in this total. School of Arts and Social Sciences Criminology Criminology and Sociology Media, Communication and Sociology Sociology Sociology with Psychology English History History and Politics Politics International Political Economy International Politics International Politics and Sociology Journalism Music Music, Sound and Technology Please remember to submit a City agent application referral web form for any new applications. If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you as quickly as possible.