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Rashmi is available to counsel and assist students interested in studying in UK and UAE


Rashmi has lived and studied in the UK for 6 years giving her invaluable direct experience of what it is really like to be an overseas student away from home.  


She started her own overseas education on a pre degree foundation course before proceeding to study for a degree in Business Management at the University of Sheffield.  She then completed her academic studies in London studying for a postgraduate degree at the Istituto Marangoni.  


On return to India Rashmi began her formal training to be a UK Education Counsellor in particular learning how to research and identify suitable courses and universities for students depending on their academic grades and budget.  With so many UK universities to choose from and thousands of available courses this is an important service she is able to offer her students.


Having been a student herself for many years in the UK she will be able to answer all questions students might have on how to apply for a student visa, opportunities for part time work in the UK, as well as guidance on how to work full time in the UK post graduation.  She can also assist students with applications to study in UAE on the Dubai campus of various UK universities.


Students who contact Rashmi will find her a very approachable, friendly Counsellor.  She will spend time with them to understand exactly what they are looking for in a course and university in order to assist them achieve their academic ambitions to support their career aspirations.


Please contact Rashmi via email, phone or through the message box.




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