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Luke is available to counsel and assist students interested in studying in the UAE and the UK.


Luke started work as an Education Counsellor assisting international students in 1990.  He later went on to run the International office at a Scottish University responsible for the recruitment of international students from around the world.  This role involved extensive travel in South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East, Far East and North America advising and counselling international students who wanted to study in the UK.


In 1997 Luke moved to Bangalore and spent the next 10 years travelling around India counselling  and advising students who wished to further their education at a British University.  The experience of living and working in India gave Luke an understanding and full appreciation of the concerns that Indian students have about studying in the UK.


Now based in Brighton on the south coast of England Luke is available to counsel any international student who is interested in studying in the UK at one of the Universities represented by Connect2Counsellors.


Send a message to Luke today to arrange a free counselling session at a mutually convenient time.



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